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As we embark on the fall season in Boone County and winter is right around the corner, tending to your landscapes becomes a battle against time. But if you choose to partner with Slabaugh Services, you will have all the peace of mind in the world that you will be able to receive your clean fill dirt delivery on time and in full. With our high-quality clean fill dirt from Slabaugh Services, your project in Boone County will take less time as our clean fill dirt is much easier to work with.

Boone County is the smallest of the counties in the northern portion of Illinois, as it is only 290 square miles in size. It was chiefly rolling prairies before agriculture was successfully introduced to Boone County. Bordered by Wisconsin to the north, Boone County is home to roughly 54,000 residents with quick access to many major cities across the two states. If you are in the Boone County area, there is only one facility that has the clean fill dirt that will suit your project perfectly, and that is Slabaugh Services!

No matter if you are beginning a large commercial project in Boone County or a small DIY project in your backyard, Slabaugh Services has the materials you need to bring your vision to life. The lightweight and easy-to-work-with clean fill dirt from Slabaugh Services will help the project look smoother and cut down on the completion time of the overall project. Stop putting it off and call Slabaugh Services for your free estimate on clean-fill dirt for your next landscaping adventure in Boone County.
Boone County Clean Fill Dirt