Slabaugh Services, Inc. delivers an extensive range of landscaping supplies, including clean fill dirt, topsoil blends, limestone aggregates, mulch, and boulders. We serve various customers such as residential homeowners, landscapers, and city planners. With a diverse inventory and professional approach, we ensure that our offerings meet the needs of both individual projects and large-scale developments. Our commitment to providing clean fill dirt is underscored by our thorough product sourcing and customer satisfaction strategies. You can count on Slabaugh Services as a professional landscaping materials provider that ensures a comprehensive solution for all your landscaping needs.
Harvard, Illinois, home to approximately 9,000 residents, presents a strong market for our products. The city, known for its rich agricultural heritage, hosts the annual Milk Days festival, attracting visitors from across the region. Furthermore, Harvard’s accessibility via the Metra rail line enhances its appeal for both local and commuting populations. The presence of such landmarks as the historic Starline Factory also enriches the cultural landscape, adding to the area’s attractiveness for both living and business opportunities. Nearby natural reserves and parks provide additional recreational activities, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere that appeals to families and businesses alike.
Our dedication to supplying clean fill dirt aligns with the community’s needs, enhancing residential properties and supporting commercial development projects. We offer specialized topsoil blends that include options such as black dirt, garden blends, and custom-engineered solutions. By focusing on the specific requirements of our customers in Harvard, Illinois, and the surrounding areas, we strive to maintain our reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality clean fill dirt. Slabaugh Services also takes pride in our ability to service both public and private sector projects, ensuring that each customer receives the utmost in quality and service.

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Harvard Clean Fill Dirt

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