At Slabaugh Services, Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality landscaping supplies, including clean fill dirt, premium topsoil blends, limestone aggregates, mulch, and boulders. We serve a diverse range of customers, ranging from residential homeowners to city and state planners, and more. Whether you’re a landscaper looking to elevate a customer’s garden or a home builder in need of reliable materials for large-scale projects, we provide the clean fill dirt essential for every successful venture. With our commitment to service and excellence, Slabaugh Services has become a trusted provider of clean fill dirt and more.
Kirkland, Illinois, a vibrant community with a population nearing 1,800 residents, serves as an ideal base for our operations. This area is known for its welcoming small-town charm and landmarks like the historic Kirkland Public Library. The library was once the State Bank of Kirkland and one of the only banks in the country that didn’t close during The Great Depression. As Kirkland continues to grow, so does the need for high-quality landscaping supplies. The region’s expanding residential areas, new business developments, and public spaces enhance its appeal and make Kirkland a strategic location for our clean fill dirt and other landscaping products.
Our reach extends far beyond just supplying products to Kirkland, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. We actively engage with the community, providing materials that are essential for both private and commercial projects. Our clean fill dirt has been a cornerstone in numerous local construction and landscaping transformations throughout the Northern IL region, improving soil stability and supporting infrastructure development. As a professional services provider, Slabaugh Services is committed to supporting the community’s development with the highest standards of quality and sustainability. By choosing Slabaugh Services for your clean fill dirt needs, you’re not only getting a product but also a dedicated partner in your construction and landscaping endeavors, ensuring success from the ground up.

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Kirkland Clean Fill Dirt

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