Welcome to Slabaugh Services, Inc., where we specialize in providing premium landscaping supplies such as topsoil blends, limestone aggregates, mulch, and boulders. Our broad range of clients includes residential homeowners and landscapers, who trust us for their varied landscaping needs. As a company that’s been serving the greater Rockford area for years, our expertise in clean fill dirt and specialized topsoil blends is unparalleled. Our commitment is to offer exceptional quality in all our products and services.
Lake Summerset is a gem for its natural beauty and community spirit. With a population of about 2,750 people, it’s a perfect blend of serene residential living and dynamic community activities. Lake Summerset itself is a major attraction, offering stunning views and recreational activities. This setting makes the need for high-quality landscaping materials evident. Our products, especially our sought-after clean fill dirt, are crucial for enhancing the natural landscapes that define this area.
In Lake Summerset, our clean fill dirt is in high demand. As a professional services provider and a landscaping materials provider, we understand the importance of quality and reliability in products like clean fill dirt. Whether it’s for gardening, construction, or aesthetic improvements, our dirt is designed to meet the diverse needs of the Lake Summerset area. We take pride in serving this community, ensuring that our materials contribute positively to the beauty and functionality of the landscapes throughout our local area. For all your landscaping needs in Lake Summerset, remember that Slabaugh Services is your go-to provider. We invite walk-ins and are always ready to offer free estimates. Contact us to discover how we can assist with your landscaping projects.

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Lake Summerset Clean Fill Dirt

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