Slabaugh Services, Inc. proudly serves a wide array of clients, including residential homeowners, professional landscapers, home builders, business owners, and city and state planners, offering a comprehensive range of landscaping supplies. Our product lineup features top-quality topsoil blends, limestone aggregates, mulch, and boulders, customized to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. A standout feature of Slabaugh Services is our welcoming approach to the public; we encourage walk-ins and are committed to extending our professional services and landscaping materials to the Poplar Grove area and its surroundings. Our expertise in providing premium clean fill dirt has established us as a key player in the landscaping supply industry.
Our operations significantly benefit the Poplar Grove area. This quaint town, with a population that surpasses 5,000 residents, is not only known for its community spirit but also for its notable landmarks, such as the Poplar Grove Vintage Wings and Wheels Museum and Edwards Apple Orchard. These landmarks not only enhance the area’s appeal but also draw visitors and locals, enriching the community’s cultural landscape. The town’s close proximity to Rockford, combined with its rich cultural heritage and welcoming community, makes it an ideal setting for our specialized landscaping material services.
Slabaugh Services is dedicated to maintaining our high standards in supplying clean fill dirt. Our variety of topsoil blends, including specialized mixes and state-certified materials, are developed to support the specific requirements of projects in this region, including those mandated by state-funded initiatives. Our commitment to excellence in clean fill dirt, coupled with our broad reach in the Rockford and Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area, emphasizes our pledge to deliver outstanding service and customer satisfaction for every project we do.

We are open to the public and walk-ins are welcome!  Call 815.633.3164 or contact us for a free estimate.

Poplar Grove Clean Fill Dirt

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